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Remote control devices

Via radio system for controlling
multiple outputs.

The remote controls allow the automatic opening or closing of de-localized application without the need of cables using a radio system.

The system allows auto-managing all the outputs, depending on the inputs all the time. It's possible to activate a security mode, consisting of closing all the outputs in case of communication errors.


  • No cables
  • More secure and lasting communications
  • Low cost and reduction of the number of necessary devices
  • Quick and easy installation


Main applications

Any application which needs the opening or closing depending on the state of certain de-localized inputs.

Another applications

Although Electronobo's remote control device is specially designed for irrigation systems, it can be used for another applications:

  • Remote switches
  • Street lightning
  • Fountain opening or closing
  • Street lightning opening or closing

Remote controls, pumps and wells
Remote control device example controlling pump stations and wells depending on the pool level

Floodgate opening/closing

Floodgate opening/closing

Street lightning opening/closing

Street lightning opening/closing

Transmission unit

The transmission unit is installed where the different sensors or switches are placed. The device constantly monitors the state of its inputs and sends this value to the different reception units using a configurable frequency.

Remote controls - Transmission unit

Reception unit

The reception units act upon their outputs depending on the input states sent by the transmission unit. The user must define the opening or closing conditions for each output.

Remote controls - Reception unit

  • Specifications
  • Dimensions

Technical specifications

Digital inputs
  • - 4 inputs. Maximum pulse frequency: 1 Hz
  • - Logic input state: opened or closed
Analogic inputs 1 input. Sensors with voltage output (3,5 or 12V) or current output (4-20mA) can be connected.
Outputs 2 outputs. Dry contacts
Antenna Female SMA connector
Inputs and outputs The devices have a wiring connection panel
Power supply
  • - Lithium batteries (3 years of autonomy)
    - The reception unit can be connected to the network point
Configurable parameters
  • - Number of remote control device
    - Network number
    - Radio communications frequency
    - For other parameters, see Manual
Operation Temperature From -20º to +60º
Kind of box IP64 watertight box self-extinguishing and double isolated
Type of communications ICM band radiolink (433MHz UHF), without license or 406-410MHz band with license
Transmission Power Up to 10mW in ICM and up to 500mW with license
Number of channels Up to 160
Data transmission security Coded digital communication
Communication distance range Up to 6 km in free space conditions, using 418-420MHz band

Transmission Unit Dimensions

High 145 mm
Wide 75 mm
Depth 72 mm

Remote controls - Transmission unit

Reception Unit Dimensions

High 135 mm
Wide 169 mm
Depth 83 mm

Remote controls - Reception unit