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Manages and monitors
the maintenance tasks

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Direct Task is a software oriented to manage and monitor the maintenance tasks carried out in industrial companies.

The system allows defining and storing all the actions carried out and programming alarms to warn in the moment when a task must be done.

This new software speeds up the task management through a comfortable, simple and effective mode.


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Direct Mobile Task is a new software for mobile devices specially designed for those workers who carry out their tasks far away from the control centre.

From a mobile device (phone, pda, etc.), the worker can define and modify incidents, corrective and preventive tasks, add used materials to work reports, notes and photos, as well as add the coordinates of the installation.


Sectors of application

Watering communities

Remote control software is based in a graphic and simple interface, specially thought for remote control of watering communities and big farm irrigation networks.

Service oriented companies

Service oriented companies can automate their maintenance tasks: public gardens, playground maintenance, etc.

Direct Task main functions

User management

The system has three different users (admin, supervisor and user). It's possible to add new kind of users with their own permissions.

Installation in several computers

Software can be installed in several computers sharing the same central database.

Import/Export in Excel documents

The user can create and export reports which can be configured by the final user. Besides, the program allows exporting spreadsheets (CSV) and XML

Add new kind of elements

Allows adding new kind of elements of each type included in the program, also changing the maintenance plan adding, cancelling or erasing tasks.

Distribution of unresolved tasks between workers

Allows distributing unresolved tasks between available workers.

Definition of Model Incidences

Registration and management of alarms and incidences.

DirectMobile Task main functions

Control de Mantenimiento preventivo

El operario móvil puede consultar las tareas preventivas y correctivas previstas en su plan de trabajo.

Realización de tareas

Desde el dispositivo móvil pueden rellenenarse los partes de trabajo, incluyendo datos como materiales, fotografías y tiempos de ejecución.

Gestión de incidencias

El operario móvil puede apuntar las incidencias detectadas, pudiendo incluir fotografías, observaciones y su posición geográfica.


Obtención de la posición geográfica de elementos de nuestra instalación, así como de averías e incidencias.

Sincronización con PC

Sincronización con el PC central vía WI-FI, para descargar y enviar datos.

Gestión de usuarios

El software permite ser utilizado por varios usuarios en una misma PDA, con lo que puede ser usada por operarios de varios turnos en una misma jornada laboral.