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Remote control systems

Street lightning remote control

The system developed by Electronobo allows the lightning management, streetlamp by streetlamp, saving energy consumption and giving an optimum control of the street lightning.

A slave module must be installed in each streetlamp with a brightness sensor, for instance. The system will react with the light changes or simply by time slots. All this in a completely automatic and reliable way.

The Inntel system monitors in real time all the slaves under its control, so it can send SMS when some alarm or warning happens in any streetlamp (slow battery, change battery, etc.) in the very moment.

Wind Farm Remote Control

Inntel system completely controls the wind farm in an automatic way. Using the final nodes, they compile all the data of each wind turbine (wind speed, propeller spin speed, temperature, wind direction, etc.) and switch the motor brakes on and off, etc.

This way, we can simply send orders and read data comfortably from a PC. Besides, the Inntel system has a lot of alarm types for a better security and a better wind turbine performance.

  • Wind turbine data compilation

  • Switch motors on or off

  • Comfortably management from a PC

  • Alarm system