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Control and management of the entire
irrigation process in each plot.

Advanced Programmer with control panel, LCD display and keyboard for introducing data on-site. No need of a PC.


Gootem MN
Advanced Programmer

Programming unit for remote control irrigation systems in farms.

Controlling all the irrigation parameters in a easy, simple and intuitive way, for a higher comfort .

  • More intuitive programming (without the need of a PC).

  • Easy to install.

  • Minimum maintenance

  • High reliability

  • Flexible solution

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The central unit is the intelligent device of the system, the master. The concentration unit allows introducing data and modifying and viewing all the info through Gootem MN software. Once the programming is set, the concentration unit communicates with the remote units following this programming sending the corresponding opening/closing commands. Besides, the remote units send to the central unit the values of the sensors and counters. On the other hand, when a new connection between the control centre and the central unit is established, the central unit sends the data log of sensors, counters, opening/closing times, etc.
The information exchange (data) with the remote units is made via radio, and with the control centre via modem, radiomodem, GPRS or serial cable .
A PC is not needed (unless the user wants otherwise) for viewing or modifying the valve state or any other parameter, even so, the user can access the system through the Gootem MN software, which offers a more eye-catching and comfortable environment than with the LCD display. There is a complete manual which teaches to use the programmer through the display and the keyboard.

Technical specifications

Voltage ~230 VAC 50 Hz or =12 VDC (+15% -10%)
Maximum consumption 13,2 W
Input fuse 3 A
Output fuse 0,3 A
Digital inputs 24 VDC power supply, maximum frequency between input pulses: 1 Hz
Analogic inputs For 2 or 3 wire sensors. With a resolution of 12 bits and voltage (range: 0 – 10V) or current ( 0 – 20mA) configuration.
Digital outputs

Dry contact. Electric characteristics:








Via cable
  • - RS232 serial port communication for configuring/monitoring the irrigation system (internal)
  • - RS485 serial port communication for managing modbus modules (external)
  • - Remote unit communication via radio in VHF band (406MHz / 408MHz / 418MHz / 433MHz)
  • - Control centre communication (PC) via CSD/GPRS
  • - Alarm sending by SMS
Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Humidity <85%
Protection index IP65


Height 217 mm
Wide 266 mm
Deep 122 mm



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