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Remote control devices

Remote control devices

Electronobo offers devices which establish communication networks between them, very useful for managing any wireless system placed outdoors.

Main devices

Master Unit

Coordinates the communication between the control centre and the slaves. On the one hand compiles the information given by the remote devices and on the other hand sends commands from the control centre to the corresponding remote device.

There are two kind of master units, depending on required type of communication, continuous from a PC or only revised from time to time. So, the GN Coordinator has its own intelligence and independency of a PC and the GR Coordinator, without intelligence, being a bidirectional link between the end nodes and the control centre (PC).

GN Coordinator can manage up to 60 slaves, while GR Coordinator can manage up to 132.


Auxiliary device which allows having a long distance-range when communicating with remote devices (up to 20 km)

Radiomodem is a device which establishes a virtual and transparent communication between the devices to communicate, with a maximum distance range of 20km.

In the Electronobo remote control system, when the control centre is placed far away from the coordinator, an additional device is needed for the communication. This is the reason of having to use a Radiomodem.

Radiomodem characteristics

Slave units

End nodes: The slaves execute the commands received by the master unit and they send its information when required.

There are two kind of end nodes, depending on the number of sensors actuators to manage.

GR slave has up to 14 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs and 12 digital outputs. Both inputs and outputs are expandable adding I/O card modules in the same slave.

GN slave has up to 4 digital inputs,1 analog inputs and 4 digital outputs.

In both devices, the inputs and outputs has the following characteristics:

- Digital inputs: 1Hz maximum pulse frequency. Each input gives three kinds of registers: Logic input state (opened or closed); accumulator (total number of transitions occurred in the input). Allows the application of a divider factor between 1 and 1000 or a multiplier factor between 1 and 999.

- Analog inputs: Allow 4-20mA current and 5V voltage inputs.

- Digital outputs: Can give pulses with duration of 1 second and 18V each 10 seconds. The maximum current they can give is x mA.

- GR slave needs to be associated with a GR coordinator. A PC is also needed continually for the system management.